The firm Giandesin Antonio snc produces moulds and systems for the beating of jewellery chains.Born in 1976, almost at the same time of the beating as system to transform jewellery chains aesthetically, it owes to its founder Antonio Giandesin the merit of its success, made of originality, simplicity and of continuous research.


Actually he has been through a long experience in the goldsmith’s field where he was employed by a prestigious goldsmith’s firm in Bassano. Antonio Giandesin, once independent, dedicated himself exclusively to the construction of moulds for the beating of chains, with his first patent, the still very imitated universal mould.This mould that is produced still today, thanks to a horizontally pivoted mechanism with hinge, beats the chain calibrating and containing it on the sides at the same time.


From 1995 the firm Giandesin is managed by the three sons, Roberto, Giordano and Luca who, with the help of the most modern processing techniques carry out on their father’s work. The actual production includes two fundamental categories of products: MOULDS (that must be mounted onto a beating machine in order to work) and the MACHINES.